7 best social media marketing tools
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7 best social media marketing tools

In this power-packed era of fast-growth and rapid progress where technology is ruling most parts of our lives, digitization is a must. Thanks to advancements in technology, social media marketing has revolutionized business in ways unimaginable affecting businesses locally and globally. The key purpose of a business is to achieve growth and to reach more people both of which can be done easily with a powerful tool called the Internet. Social media marketing offers a lot of advantages like affordability, flexibility, efficiency, accessibility, better ways to reach the target audience, data analysis, and better interaction with customers. By understanding the importance of social media marketing one can expand, improve, and flourish one business.

Social media management is about managing customer interactions effectively by using the right set of tools.

Here are 7 Social media marketing tools that can help you:

For small businesses, getting attention in times of intense digital competition can be challenging. By utilizing these social media tools, you can get better results on various platforms.

•           Hootsuite

•           Lithium

•           Canva

•           Animoto

•           IFTTT

•           ContactUs

•           Google Analytics


1. Hootsuite for better organization

These days everybody used multiple platforms and managing more than one social media account manually can be challenging and time-consuming. Hootsuite is one such platform that allows you to manage all your social media feeds in a single dashboard.

Key features

•           Depending on the plan it provides support for 35 different social network platforms.

•           It provides bulk scheduling of multiple posts, real-time analytics, and unlimited RSS integrations.

•           Provides a brand monitoring tool that allows you to analyze data regarding your product or service.


2. Lithium for response

Customer support is a very important step in building a business successfully. Lithium is a great tool that can process voluminous customer interactions through social media platforms in a prompt and organized manner.

This is very much needed for businesses that offer customer support through social media.

Key features

•           Allows for segregation of inbound queries that can be tagged and routed to the most relevant associate.

•           Implements six priority levels, to ensure each query receives an adequate and timely response.

•           Offers access to online communities, enabling businesses to provide solutions to customer queries through their social intelligence platform.


3. Canva for stunning imagery

Canva is the single most effective tool to get designs and high-quality, professional-looking images for social posts, infographics, and more.

Key features

•           It offers a wide range of in-built templates with a multitude of design, font, styling, and illustrations to choose from.

•           Provides an option to share the project with multiple people who can collaborate on the design, share feedback, or make edits.


4. Animoto for attractive videos

YouTube is a very powerful social media platform out there, that is the power of videos. Videos rule the most when it comes to social media marketing. Today many Businesses choose to create customer engagement and create powerful brand messages through a visual format.

 Animoto drastically minimizes the time and skill required to compile and edit videos for social media consumption.

Key features

•           A simple drag-and-drop interface.

•           Offers hundreds of professionally designed templates for you to upload pictures, video, and audio files.

•           Offers a lot of customized templates.


5. IFTTT for task automation

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a smart app that allows marketers to automate tasks between various social media networks.

The apps that we use on an everyday basis are called ‘services.’ Different services can be asked to collaborate through conditional statements known as ‘applets.’ Based on certain rules you create (triggers), there will be a predefined response (action).

IFTTT offers a spread of applets specifically designed for marketers. You can search and pick from a menu of common applets or create your own custom applet with the easy-to-use tool.

Key features

•           Improves interaction between social platforms, allowing for cross-posting of content.

•           Streamlines workflow management and automates data backup.

•           Notifies you every time your business gets mentioned or tagged on social media.


6. ContactUs for robust marketing campaigns

As the name suggests ContactUs allows businesses to gather contacts, then turn those leads into long-term customers. This automation software puts repetitive marketing tasks such as email marketing and drip campaigns on autopilot.

Key features

•           Provides in-depth customer information, enabling marketers to design personalized sales campaigns.

•           Customer feedback regarding your business/product allow you to understand what works and what doesn’t.

•           Serves up metrics on lead and sales generation, cost-per-lead, and ROI (return on investment).


7. Google Analytics for interpreting traffic