Digital Marketing Services for Ecommerce
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Digital Marketing Services for Ecommerce

The internet is now the latest lifeline for every sphere of human civilization in the digital age. The economical sphere is especially emboldened by the advance of the digital age. The flourishing of business with the consequence of a booming interlinked financial sector all over the globe is truly the gift of the web world.

Ecommerce is quite spreading its cover all over with the dawn of digital marketing. Previously the internet was used by companies to set up a website and sell relevant products through it. But with changing times this endeavor is not enough to generate enough customer flow towards the website. For propagation of e-commerce in a profitable and successful direction, promotion of relevant products through different and appealing ways along with maintaining a personalized relationship with the targeted customer base is an absolute must. This work on eCommerce can be done by process-driven strategized digital marketing services by an expert digital marketing company.


Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

Digital marketing is, to put it plainly, a gathering of activities performed with the assistance of specific procedures keeping in mind the end goal to promote, offer and thrive a brand's merchandise or administrations through advanced media like TV, PCs, mobiles, and so forth.

The digital marketing services along with online marketing that can really propel the eCommerce to a catapulted rise are as follows...

v  PPC- The e-shopping starts at a web browser rather than in a mall. The function of PPC is to get the website's ad appears on the first pages of the search result. With high competition in the wing, an option of advertising at a minimum price with optimum ROI is the work of professionals for sure.

v  SEO- To achieve a long-term profit plan, SEO for eCommerce is the best option. With its functionality being ranking up the website's position in search results, on-page factors like keyword & competition analysis, page title and product description along with off-page activities of back-link and affiliate marketing will definitely make the eCommerce website more visible.

v  Social Media Marketing- With the root social media seeping into every level of the society, having a prominent presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc. is good for eCommerce. SMM not only increases the traffic flow towards the brand but also increases the brand's sales and awareness among the people.

v  Blogging- This content-oriented digital marketing tool is one of the best policies in e-commerce to promote and launch new products with a boosting preview and an appreciative review. Moreover, it is a good way for affiliate marketing and a trace backlink to the original site.

v  Email Marketing- It's a direct source to reach up to the existing band of customers for a new launch or any special offer. Interactive and enticing email to targeting audience with an option of redirecting to the website is definitely a get-go tactic.

v  Mobile Marketing- Through mobile marketing eCommerce can jump to profitability by using app marketing i.e. set up an app and work through it and telephone marketing i.e. reach the mass through a phone call and SMS or MMS.


Digital Marketing ways for Ecommerce

1.      To monitor mobile traffic

For successful eCommerce, a website must monitor its customer base and customer reach via mobile traffic through

v  Design and architecture of the app should present the basic point of commerce to the mass in a relevant way with easy navigation, category search and add to cart features.

v  The visual and textual appeal of the app should be smooth and payment features should be well maintained.

v  A click-to-call number should be there all over the site so that in case of any enquirey the customer could contact the help desk.


2.      Call tracking & Heat mapping

Tracking the trending pulse and customer pulse through phone data and getting to know the statistics of sales and promotion is very useful for eCommerce. Heat mapping ensures the website's traffic flow meter like - liked ads, ignored ads, null ads, or forgotten ads. Knowing these stats the eCommerce strategy can be reshuffled from time to time.

3.      A/B Testing

A/B testing includes testing two forms of a site page. The A rendition is the control and the B form is the variety. Each page gets live activity with the goal that can quantify the impact of every variant. Testing is especially imperative for eCommerce and online marketing. Expanding the conversion rate is very productive.

4.      Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

This helps the website to track the revenue number in its respective Google analytics account in a very nifty way letting one grab the rhythm of the eCommerce of the site.

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