Google Fred Update - What You Need to Know About
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Google Fred Update - What You Need to Know About

Search Engine giant Google has recently made an update to its algorithm, something that it quite often does and this one is dubbed as Fred. The purpose of Google’s regular update of its algorithm is to ensure that websites do not practice any black-hat techniques to gain an unfair advantage over the others and to penalize the ones that do so.

So the question that inevitably comes to mind is that what is this Fred all about and how or in what way will it shape or affect the ranking of the websites?  

Sites that are under the cosh

As per the Fred update, the sites focusing too much on multiple affiliate links to market themselves rather indigenously has taken a hit. These sites whose content is not up to the mark and focus largely and solely on SEO without providing user with a smooth and friendly experience have been affected.

After reviewing as many as 300 sites that have been affected by this new algorithm and analyzing the same it has been seen that those with low-quality content and with poor readability have been affected.

Thus, ad-focused content prioritizing revenue over user experience is something Google is not taking very lightly at all by any stretch of the imagination. A host of websites have been part of ranking fluctuations and traffic losses aftermath the Fred update. A lot of websites indeed have too many ads which makes it difficult and complicated on the part of the user to view the site’s content properly. Fighting webspam is probably the predominant objective of Fred.

So, too much advertising would do no good to you as you could well find yourself languishing at the bottom half of Google SERPs. 50% or higher drops in Google organic traffic was noticed overnight on 50% of the sites that were affected by the Fred algorithm. Some websites even had 90% of their traffic reduced overnight once the Fred update took effect.


Sites that can continue to thrive and even find better rankings on Google SERP’s

However, the Google Fred update is great news for all those marketers who genuinely practice “friendly” marketing strategies and have long copies of original content on their website with optimum quality focused on rich user-experience. The websites that practice and implements only white hat techniques and works within the guidance of Webmaster tool are sure to thrive and grow. This is exactly why you could witness a lift in your rankings after the Fred update if your website falls under this category.


Things to do if your website ranking has gone down due to the impact of Fred

If you happen to fall among those whose website has been affected by the Fred update, then you can certainly go on and fix it as well. Having great content written along with quality backlinks to your site relevant to the context and by removing too many ads or affiliate links on the web site's pages you can certainly have your website’s ranking on Google back on track.

According to Google expert Gary Illyes, affiliate links are not an issue unless a site’s only purpose becomes revenue generation overlooking and ignoring user experience.

Like previous all other Google’s update on its algorithm this one is not an exception either as it keeps the SEO hotshots on their toes making sure that only the deserving websites get the best of rankings.              





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