Why do you need a PMP Certification?
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Why do you need a PMP Certification?

Did you know that, an estimated 2, 34,883 project management jobs open each year in the US alone? Employers are looking for more and more employees who are associated with the roles of project management. This is how much project managers are on-demand these days, in spite of the already working 16.5 million project managers all around the world. And according to statistics conducted by Project Management Institute, employees with a PMP Certification get paid 23% more than those who do not.

Coming to what project management actually means, it is all the processes of initiating, planning, executing, and documenting, performance monitoring and cost control, and finally the closure of the project and its underlying tasks. In all these processes the Project manager, the person who holds this title shall be organizing and leading the team towards success’s direction. He/ She will have to ensure the happening of the project to go smoothly by managing through the various crises of time and cost and the scope and quality of the project.

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So, what could it be that makes the project manager to track the success of the project? Well, his effective communication, leadership qualities, human resource management, problem solving, Capital and resource management, criteria setting and time management, etc., it takes a lot of skillful qualities.

So coming back to the original question, should you get the PMP certification. It might be difficult and very much time-consuming, but it would sure be all worth it as it adds value to your profile and strengthen you career-wise, it also provides you industry recognition and you get to master some really important skills. This even provides you a better range of workplaces; you get to geographically network your scope as the certificate is globally accepted. This even increases your chance of landing a good-paying job. So, the certificate is more like validation and yes, employers do look for it.

The industries of manufacturing, IT, utilities, business services, finance and insurance, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, information services, constructions, banking, and finance, etc., quite literally all of them are your industry scoping with a PMP Certification in your hand. This credential adds immense value to a career, which is very crucial in this demanding and competitive market. What exactly makes it a demanding market is, potential clients and even the employers of the organization prefer having a project manager in the team. Statistics state that 33% of the projects fail because of the lack of involvement of project managers and 97% of the organizations think that there is a need for project management in every business performance and organizational success. Well, no client or company will want to deal with the failure of a project.

Well, PMP is not just any certificate, as part of their courses you will be gaining all the education, experience and ethics that you shall need for a life-time. The course keeps you connected with the trends and techniques of the field and the certification shows how serious you are about your career and the job. 

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