Python Sanjith Jha

18+ years of Python experience, working In MNC and they are helping students and learners by providing Good knowledge sharing on Python and Machine Learning so that students can achieve their dream job.

Typically trainer he helping students to

1.      Assist in Building Resume

2.      Help to clear the interview

3.      Guiding students to build their career in Python and 

4.      Cross Module training.

5.      Provide a reference to companies

6.      Provide opportunities to work as a freelancer

Who is it for ?

Getting a very good education by the best trainer to achieve their dream job. 

How does it help ?

The student will get real-time exposure 

Mentorship from Industry experts 

Cross Module exposure 

Preparing for Interview

Start with a Free Counselling and a Free Demo Class

Meet our Course cordinator and attend a free demo to see how our classes work

Why Should You Join Us?

Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

Flexible Training class

Flexible Training class

Employable Skills

Employable Skills

Expert Faculty

Expert Faculty

Power mentor

Power mentor

Industry Specific Curriculum

Industry Specific Curriculum



Hiring Companies


Kala 4/5

March 9, 2021, 4:16 a.m.

he is a very good trainer

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